August 6-21, 2022
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Partnering with Brock University

Leveraging the Games into research, teaching, and community engagement opportunities
Shelly at Brock University

As a highly-regarded university in Niagara and a key partner to the 2022 Canada Summer Games, Brock University has taken on an innovative approach to maximizing opportunities afforded by the upcoming arrival of the 28th edition of the Canada Games. Given that this event is being held in Niagara for the first time ever, let alone in the Golden Horseshoe Area, Brock University has been leveraging this once-in-a-generation event on its campus in order to invest in research, build curricular connections, and enhance community engagement, thanks in large to support from the Niagara Host Society. Ultimately, this collaborative effort between Brock and Niagara 2022 should provide a lasting academic legacy to both the university and Niagara community, while also developing a model that future Canada Games can use to maximize outcomes for host communities.

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