August 6-21, 2022
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Our Medals

Over 2600 athletes will be competing to win one of these hard-earned medals.

Medal Design

Designed by Shaun OʼMelia, a resident of St. Catharines and an alumnus of Niagara College, the medal for the Niagara 2022 Canada Summer Games captures the beauty and history of the Niagara Region, while also recognizing the up-and-coming Canadian athletes who will be participating in the 28th edition of the Canada Games.

Niagara 2022 canada Games Medals

Niagara Falls

As one of the worldʼs natural wonders, OʼMelia felt it was essential to include Niagara Falls in the medal design. Divided into 13 waves at the base of the medal, the flow of Niagara Falls symbolizes the 13 provinces and territories that participate in the Canada Games and the 13 municipalities in Niagara that have come together to host the 2022 Canada Summer Games. Importantly, those 13 waves are shaped as a crescent moon and signify the 13 ceremonies of the moon celebrated annually by Indigenous peoples.

The Sun

The sun plays a crucial role in sustaining life and in the growth of Niagara, particularly its agricultural sector. It also represents summer and the fact that the 2022 Canada Games are a summer Games. The sun can be envisioned as a rising sun - a sun that symbolizes an awakening and the beginning of a journey for the athletes competing at the Games. The sun can also be envisioned as a setting sun - a sun that celebrates the achievements of the athletes at the Games.

Human Figures

OʼMelia has incorporated seven human figures in the design of the medal to acknowledge the Seventh Generation Principle. This Principle is based on a philosophy shared by many Indigenous peoples that the decisions we make today should result in a sustainable world seven generations from now. Each of the seven figures also illustrate movement and achievement, with raised arms to celebrate the success of the medal recipients.

Niagara Escarpment

One of the most prominent topographic features in North America, OʼMelia felt it was imperative that this backbone of Turtle Island be included in the medal design. He did so by including different depths and levels in the design of the medal, creating a visual effect that suggests the Falls are pouring out of the medal itself.

The Lanyard

The lanyard takes its inspiration from a traditional Two Row Wampum belt - a symbolic record of one of the oldest treaty relationships between the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island and Europeans. This treaty relationship was expanded and affirmed in 1764 at the Treaty of Niagara during a gathering between British colonial officials and over 2,000 Indigenous chiefs from 24 First Nations.

The Two Row Wampum teaches the importance of walking together, in parallel, with respect, compassion, and an understanding of how to cultivate an inclusive community for our shared future. It stresses unity, peace, respect, and friendship — and promotes a paradigm shift to create a transformative and sustainable change that is true to the Seventh Generation Principle. In recognition of these vital teachings and the Two Row Wampum belt that was presented by the Indigenous peoples to the British at the Treaty of Niagara, the medal lanyard for the Niagara 2022 Canada Summer Games showcases one figure on each side of the lanyard. The lanyard is fastened to the medal so that the two figures can walk together.

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