August 6-21, 2022
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Legacy Build Sustainability

Niagara 2022’s initiatives are many and varied starting with its legacy projects, Canada Games Park (CGP) and the Henley Rowing Centre (HRC).

CGP is being built to minimize energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The Walker Sports and Abilities Centre at CGP is on track to be 35% more efficient and generate 45% less greenhouse gases than a standard Canadian building. This is an incredible feat, as these types of buildings typically use a lot of energy. These goals will be achieved through strategies like a folded roofscape, which will control the light and allow for the deployment of a green roof to visible areas. The green roof will provide shade and remove heat from the air to lower the temperature of the roof’s surface and surrounding air, reducing the heat island of the building. The heat island refers to the temperature difference between urban and rural areas due to the surfaces in each environment and how they absorb or hold heat. During the 2022 Canada Games, the sports that will be hosted at CGP will include athletics, beach volleyball, box lacrosse, wrestling and indoor volleyball.

Similarly, HRC is being constructed on Henley Island using sustainable materials (such as its mass-timber frame) and, thanks to the efforts of Alectra Energy Solutions Inc., it will possess cutting-edge solar technology that will produce renewable energy for the facility. HRC will not only be a legacy build for the rowing community in Niagara, but this facility will also meet net-zero environmental standards. This means that the solar-powered system in place is expected to generate as much renewable electricity annually as it consumes, making it net-zero. Ultimately, HRC's solar-generated system will generate an estimated 43,000 kWh, which is equivalent to the amount of electricity used by four-and-a-half average Ontario households per year. At Games time, rowing will take place at the Royal Canadian Henley Rowing Course, which is directly adjacent to the brand-new HRC.

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Sustainability Features Canada Games Park and Henley Rowing Centre

Awareness Programs

Hosting the Canada Games in Niagara is a wonderful opportunity to educate and create environmental awareness for Niagara residents, Games participants and spectators. Our awareness programs also consider social and economic sustainability. Themes include:

  • Minimizing overall Games footprint - minimize games-time waste, manage and reduce overall water use, and mitigate climate change through the guiding strategies
  • Building and retrofitting facilities and venues in accordance with green building standards
  • Practicing environmentally responsible decisions in marketing and procurement
  • Focusing on conservation, restoration and protection of Niagara’s biodiversity
  • Highlighting ways in which sustainable practices can be integrated into sporting events

Sustainability x Sport Conference

Hear from a panel of industry experts and explore the integration of sustainability in sport, events, and your own day-to-day life – If you were not in attendance at our Sustainability x Sport: From Words to Action Conference on Mar 25, 2022, the following recordings are now available.

Main Session Sustainability x Sport: From Words to Action

Sustainability x Sport: From Words to Action

Breakout #1 Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Sport

Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Sport

Breakout #2 The impact and Benefits of of Waste Audits

The impact and Benefits of of Waste Audits

Breakout #3 Social Sustainability - How inclusion Contributes to Sustainable Development

Social Sustainability - How inclusion Contributes to Sustainable Development

Activation during the Games

The N22 Host Society and partners are committed to reducing our Games environmental footprint as much as possible. Currently, our staff and leadership volunteers are working with all venues to conduct sustainability audits for environmental best practices. This includes ways in which our volunteer team can improve waste, energy and water management during the two weeks, and lasting community legacies once the Games conclude.

We are also committed to finding ways in which our volunteers and staff champion sustainable best practices, while also providing an educational component to incorporate these into venues such that these athletes and spectators will have that information and knowledge going back to their homes across Canada. Specifically, the Sustainability Committee, coined as The Green Team, will have their presence at all competition and non-competition venues.

Sustainability Chair and Committee

To reach all of our sustainability goals and deliverables, we’ve created a Sustainability Committee, comprised of individuals knowledgeable in sustainability and sporting events. Led by Chair Crystal Rabley, the Committee operates as The Green Team that will provide on-the-ground services and collection of waste and recyclables within the venue at Games time. In addition, they ensure the proper handling and disposal of waste across all venues and festival sites.

The N22 Green Team, sponsored by GFL, is responsible for undertaking sustainability programs during the 2022 Canada Games. From an educational lens, they will interact with the venue staff, athletes, coaches and the public in teaching them about proper waste management practices. They will educate, provide awareness, and assist in waste diversion efforts, while also ensuring measures are in place to reduce the overall Games footprint. Additionally, they will provide baseline tracking for future Games and give overall awareness on techniques and opportunities for hosting sustainable events. These best practices will include assisting with the maintenance, monitoring and reporting on green programs such as recycling, composting and waste diversion.

The Sustainability Committee will also assist Niagara 2022 staff and key partners to host a March 2022 Sustainability Summit that will unite industry leaders, policymakers, entrepreneurs, research and post-secondary students in Niagara, Ontario, and across North America. This event will provide practical and knowledgeable experience in educating and assisting organizations to host sustainable events, and finding innovative ways to link sustainability and conservation with sport and community. More details for this event to follow.

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