August 6-21, 2022
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by: 2021 Canada Games Host Society

2021 Canada Games will be bigger than winter Olympics

Once, and for all.

That’s a phrase that Niagara residents will be seeing and hearing a lot of in the lead up to the Canada Games being held throughout the region from Aug. 6 to 21, 2021. The 2021 Canada Games Host Society Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer Steve Katzman unveiled the “once, and for all” tag line at a briefing in front of about 100 elected officials and key stakeholders yesterday afternoon in St. Catharines.

The update was co-lead by Regional Chair Jim Bradley and Host Society Chair Doug Hamilton. Senior staff provided details on a number of fronts including infrastructure plans, legacy venues, the massive volunteer program, the Games brand, cultural events and opening and closing ceremonies.

“This is a major opportunity for all our communities and we need to build enthusiasm,” Chair Bradley told the crowd. “The Canada Games is something we can all rally behind.”

There were some common themes and words repeated throughout the presentations, including; “inspire”, “transform”, “unify”, “catalyst” and “legacy”.

Hamilton reinforced to those in attendance that hosting the Canada Games is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He informed the audience that, because the Games are intended to be hosted in different communities across Canada, they won’t be coming back to Niagara no matter how well we do.”

That sentiment is what lead to the development of “once, and for all” as a tag line, explained Katzman. “These Games, this great opportunity for Niagara, is only going to happen once and these Games are for all of Niagara to embrace, support and enjoy.”

It was also announced that with the recent addition of lacrosse, bringing the number of sports to 18, and the expected 5000 athletes, the 2021 Games will be the largest ever held. “These Games in Niagara will have more competitors than the winter Olympics,” explained Hamilton.

Those in attendance saw a glimpse of the new facilities that will play host to some of the events. They include a new building on Henley Island for rowing as well as the largest project, what is being called Canada Games Park, to be built on Brock University property. In addition, a new baseball training facility is slated to be built in Niagara Falls.

This new construction is in addition to many improvements and upgrades planned to existing sport facilities across Niagara and the addition of sport equipment that will be an important legacy for Niagara after the Games. The total cost of the Games infrastructure plan is estimated to be approximately $98 million and will involve funding from all levels of government. These facilities will be used for the Games but have been planned to provide a vital community legacy after the Games. “The planned facilities will be for everyone in Niagara to use and enjoy long after the Games are over,” said Hamilton.

Host Society CEO Barry Wright said he and his team of staff and eventually thousands of volunteers won’t just be on task, “we will be on purpose” in delivering a Canada Games that will inspire, transform and unify.

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