August 6-21, 2022
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by: Niagara Host Society

Niagara 2022 partners with Ice River Green Bottle Co. & Greenlid to help hydrate and feed Canada Games participants

The Niagara 2022 Host Society is delighted to announce its partnership with Ice River Green Bottle Co. and Greenlid, who will be providing healthy hydration and compostable cutlery to the participants and volunteers of the Niagara 2022 Canada Summer Games. The partnership will support all of these stakeholders while helping Niagara 2022 honour its longstanding commitment to sustainability.

Specifically, Ice River Green Bottle Co. and Greenlid will help hydrate and feed the Games athletes, coaches and volunteers by supplying them with 100% recycled plastic bottled water, fully compostable cutlery and napkins at all competition and non-competition venues during this summer’s 2022 Canada Games.

The “Green” in Ice River Green Bottle Co. refers to their signature green bottled water. They are the first beverage company in North America to collect blue box materials to produce their 100% recycled plastic bottles, which utilize no new plastic. They employ a closed loop recycling program that purchases municipal recycling waste to produce 100% recycled packaging to bottle their natural spring water. Those bottles are eventually collected and returned to Ice River Green Bottle Co. so they can once again be recycled to make new bottles.

At the same time, Greenlid has created a line of compostable household items that have the least amount of negative impact on our environment. Some of their initiatives include fully compostable bins to dispose of waste in an organically friendly way, completely compostable plant fibre tableware, birch cutlery, bamboo cups, recycled napkins, compostable wheat straws and recycled cardboard coolers.

“It takes hard work and dedication to achieve success which is how we ended up with a product line devoted to waste reduction. These athletes represent the epitome of hard work and dedication and we want to support them,” said Sandy Gott, Executive Vice President of Ice River Sustainable Solutions. “This partnership is important to our organization because we are a local, Canadian, family-owned organization with a diverse portfolio of companies committed to sustainability. Our products add value and continue to develop the growing circular economy in Canada while achieving reductions in waste, carbon and energy use. This partnership gets our products into the hands of thousands of participants and allows us to both educate and bring awareness to sustainable solutions.”

"We are proud to be working with partners like Ice River Green Bottle Co. and Greenlid, who value sustainability as much as we do," added Doug Hamilton, Board Chair of the Niagara 2022 Host Society. "By providing our athletes and volunteers with 100% recycled plastic bottled water, fully compostable cutlery and napkins, Ice River Green Bottle Co. and Greenlid will play an important role in helping us to minimize the waste and overall footprint of the Niagara 2022 Canada Summer Games."

Sustainability is being integrated into the 2022 Canada Summer Games through many varied initiatives, highlighted by the Games legacy projects. Both Canada Games Park and the Henley Rowing Centre have been designed with environmental building practices in mind — which will allow both to minimize energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Additionally, the 2022 Canada Games will feature sustainability initiatives such as the March 2022 Sustainability Summit, Earth Day 2022 activations, tree planting and restoration initiatives, community clean-ups, and the N22 Green Team — which will be a group of volunteers responsible for undertaking sustainability programs at all competition and non-competition venues during the Games. The N22 Green Team will also educate, provide awareness, and assist in waste diversion efforts, while also ensuring measures are in place to reduce the overall Games footprint.

Held every two years, alternating between winter and summer, the Canada Games are the country’s marquee event for amateur sport, representing the highest level of national competition for thousands of up-and-coming Canadian athletes. More than 5,000 participants and close to 4,500 volunteers are expected to take part in Canada’s largest multi-sport event in the Niagara Region from August 6-21, 2022.

Tickets for this summer’s Games are currently available for purchase online.

About Ice River Green Bottle Co.

Proudly Canadian, our natural spring water is bottled green for a greater purpose. With a focus on finding more sustainable solutions, Ice River Green Bottle Co. developed eco-friendly packaging to divert green bottles from going to landfill. We're the first beverage company in North America to purchase blue box materials to produce our 100% recycled plastic bottles – creating bottles made from bottles.

About Greenlid

Greenlid is the North American partner bringing truly compostable and sustainable products to consumers, retail, foodservice and private label.  Look for our backyard compostable plates, straws, cups, and cutlery in the picnic aisle of your local grocery store.

Media Contact:

Tracey Lavelle, Director, Marketing

519.925.2929 ext. 245

About the Niagara 2022 Canada Summer Games

At the peak of Niagara’s boldest summer yet, more than 5,000 up-and-coming athletes, their coaches and support staff will gather to compete for the podium in Canada’s largest multi-sport event. From August 6 to 21, 2022, Niagara will surge stronger than ever on the national stage. The 2022 Games, made possible thanks to funding and support from the Government of Canada, the Government of Ontario, the Niagara Region, and the Canada Games Council, will give rise to new legacies of ambition, confidence, and compassion that will inspire generations to come. 

For further information, visit us at or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (@2022canadagames).

Media Contact:

Christopher Séguin, Manager, Media & Communications


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